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Dr. Tokar offers a wide range of services at your home, helping healthy pets and sick pets and everyone in between.  Due to the nature of house call practice, there may be some procedures that are not possible in the home setting.  Please be sure to contact Dr. Tokar if you have questions after reading this website.

Wellness Care and Monitoring


  • Thorough physical exams

  • Individually designed vaccination programs

  • Diagnostic blood and urine testing

  • Fecal tests and deworming

  • Accurate blood pressure readings

  • Blood sugar measurements

  • Weight management and nutritional counseling


Does your pet have itchy skin or ear problems?  Eyes looking squinty or red?  Does your dog rub her bum on the carpet?  Is your cat losing/gaining weight?  Are there lumps or bumps on the skin?  Does your pet have frequent stomach upset?  These are just some of the issues we can address during a home visit.


Physical Rehabilitation


  • Geriatrics and arthritis

  • Post-operative recovery (knees, hips, spine)

  • Sporting dogs

  • Neurologic conditions


Dr. Tokar, DVM, CCRT, has completed advanced certification in physical therapy for animals from the Canine Rehabilitation Institute.  She will assess and design an individualized program of manual therapy (manipulation), stretching, balance and strength building exercises, as well as perform therapuetic laser treatments, E-stim/TENS, and hydrotherapy.  For pets with mobility issues, observation of the home environment can lead to improvements that make activities of daily living easier.

End of Life Consultation/Hospice Care


It can be very difficult to know when it's time to say goodbye.  Sometimes you just need an ear to listen, sometimes you need to put a concrete plan in place to keep your pet comfortable.  Either way, Dr. Tokar can help you know what to expect and give you options for how to proceed. 

Compassionate Euthanasia


When the time is right, saying goodbye is one of the most loving acts you will do for your pet.  It is important to be guided through this process with empathy, non-judgement, and the utmost concern for the comfort of your friend.  It is an honor to be in your home for these goodbyes and allows your pet to be in the safe and familiar home environment you shared. As many extended family members may be present as you wish, and you are free to observe any personal beliefs or traditions.  Cremation services can be arranged, with or without return of the ashes, as you prefer.


Behavior Consultation


House calls are the best way to assess, diagnose, and treat behavior issues in dogs and cats.  Many things come to light when the pet is seen in their home environment.  Dr. Tokar can help with problems like:

  • Inappropriate urination

  • Separation anxiety

  • Inter-pet aggression

  • Compulsive disorders

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