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Veterinary House Calls Dr. Zoe Tokar


Providing home visits in beautiful Portland, Oregon for primary care medicine, physical rehabilitation, and

end-of-life care.

Zoe and Lizzie prof.jpg

Are you looking for an alternative to the traditional vet hospital setting?  Many of the same services can be provided in the convenient, stress-free atmosphere of your own home.  Dr. Zoe Tokar founded Portland Vet House Calls so she could observe and treat cats and dogs in their own safe environment.  This can make diagnosing their ailments simpler since the adrenaline rush that often comes with traditional vet visits can mask signs of illness.  Physical rehabilitation, behavior concerns, and euthanasia are also ideally suited to home visits.  It is also easier to create the time and space to be fully attentive to you, your pet, and answer all your questions.

Due to the nationwide surge in demand for pet health care, our small practice is currently at capacity and unable to accept new patients.  Please check back here for current information when this situation changes.

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